Winter Feast

Please let one of the officers know what you intend to bring, or RSVP on facebook if you have one (event found here --> http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=198772739879&ref=ts ).

Also optional that night is a game of "greed". In order to participate, please bring a wrapped gift worth roughly $5..For those who haven't heard of greed: in order to play the game, everyone who brings a gift gets a number... In numerical order, the people choose gifts; either electing to unwrap one or take one of the previously opened ones from someone else (the person whose gift was taken would then choose another present). When everyone is done choosing a gift, that's the present the person is left with. =) It can be an entertaining game to watch, trust me.

We hope you are all having a good end of semester, that finals go well, and to see you there!