First meeting!

Hi honors kids, and welcome back to school! As many of you know, our first meeting of the year is coming up this coming week! Alexis, Meg & I all hope to see you Tuesday, September 1st at 12:30 in the Tower Room of Wallman Hall. There will be signs directing newcomers (or those of you who have just forgotten =)) to the room. Hope you all had a wonderful first week back to classes!


Back to School Luau!

The Honors Program has always taken time in the busy first week of school to celebrate the upcoming year. This year we are returning to a Luau theme! The event will take place at the Barbecue pit and volleyball area at the foot of Bryant Place.

There will be plenty of activities and contests including volleyball, limbo, hula hoop, and even water balloon dodgeball! Plan to bring a beach towel (to dry off with and use as a mat if you wish to sit in the lawn). There is even the possibility of a traditional fire poi show!

All Honors students are welcome to come. As we will be serving catered food, attendees need to decide if they wish to eat at the cafeteria OR eat at the Luau. Please write on the wall if you plan on eating at the Luau, as we need to have a list of names by next week.

Mentors, invite your mentees!

Good luck with the coming semester! We hope to see you all at the Luau!

Please RSVP either on the Facebook event (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=114973757766) or contact Reggie!