Congrats, Kiley & Justin!

My apologies for not posting this more quickly!

Honors kids:
We’d just like to take this moment to offer congratulations to Kiley Wilfong and Justin Cullen, senior architecture majors, on the publicity that they’ve recently received about their SURE grant. The duo has been working to make the Fairmont State campus more “green”. Honors students have traditionally been involved with grant projects at Fairmont State, and Kiley & Justin are very good role models for that practice. Kiley and Justin, we’re proud of you!

Below is the video that is found on the FSU website about their adventures with their project:

Here are some more links about what they’ve been up to:

They were also featured on the front page of the Times West Virginian. A clip of that story can be found at the newspaper’s website at: http://www.timeswv.com/local/local_story_204010156.html.